All You Need To Know About AdvisiaHub

Advisia Hub
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All You Need To Know About AdvisiaHub

What is AdvisiaHub?

AdvisiaHub is an online consultation and advisory platform. Unlike other platforms, AdvisiaHub aims to gather experts from all fields and industries under one roof. And, connect them seamlessly with the advisees. The goal of AdvisiaHub is to offer a practical solution to advisees, virtually related to every field e.g., law, legal, career, business, start-up, and so on.

Along with this, AdvisiaHub aims to provide a consolidated platform that contains everything ranging from communication to PCI compliance payment gateway, where advisors can register and sell their expert advice to the advisee.

To make things easier, AdvisiaHub has invested heavily in devising comprehensive privacy policies and information security policies, so that the user (Advisor and Advisee) can interact with each other without worrying about anything.

How Does AdvisiaHub Work?

How Does AdvisiaHub Work?

The workflow of AdvisiaHub is quite simple, you just have to register as an advisee or advisor and the rest will be dealt with care by the AdvisiaHub team. However, for every role, you have to perform unique registration procedures.

For advisors, the first thing that you need to know is, you should have relevant experience or skillset to answer the query of advisees. Moreover, you had to complete a form with relevant information e.g., expertise, skills, affiliation, correspondence details, custom rate, and consultation hours. After hitting the sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email.

On the other hand, Advisees have to fill the entirely different form containing information e.g. Name, correspondence details, problem or concern details, the goal of consultation and hit sign-up.

However, to set an appointment with an advisor, first, you have to sign in from your registered account. Then you can browse the list of advisers.

But remember, to see the relevant list of advisors you have to select the relevant field first. Only then you can book an advisor. The rest of the procedure includes setting your consultation timing and paying the fee. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation email, contain all the details about your virtual session.

What Roles Are Available In AdvisiaHub

What Roles Are Available In AdvisiaHub And Significance?

AdvisiaHub has two roles. The first is “AdvisiaHub Advisor.” To register as an advisor, you need to have a comprehensive experience, field expertise, and relevant affiliation, that the advisee can use to assess your expertise and relevancy to their concerns.

The second role is “AdvisiaHub Advisee.” This role is specially designed for people who are seeking virtual & quick solutions to their problems. You will find advisors from every field ranging from top industry specialists and field experts.

Benefits for Becoming AdvisiaHub Advisor

What Benefits You Can Avail Of After Registering As An Advisor?

You must be wondering exactly what makes AdvisiaHub the best platform for advisors. Well, we have drafted a few pointers to motivate you.

First, the mission behind AdvisiaHub is to offer liberty to every advisor. Therefore, at the AdvisiaHub platform, you will find the option to choose and set your custom rate per hour. There is no restriction, you can either set $5 or $100. Simultaneously, you gotta choose your consultation hours or timing, along with the consultation rate.

Secondly, AdvisiaHub will facilitate communication between the advisors and advisees. This means, once the advisee booked your session, both will receive a reminder email, along with a confirmation email. Thus, advisors can save time.

Third, you gotta become part of your community, share ideas, get recognition, and so on.

The last thing is, Advisors can opt for consultation as a concurrent career path, alongside your regular full-time job.

What Impact It Could Have On The Advisee?

Well, this is the most important thing for the advisor to comprehend that, they have a huge responsibility. Because their advice has the potential to make a huge impact on the lives of advisees e.g. change career orientation, influence education path, personality grooming, etc. Wanna know how? Let’s dig into this scenario!

An advisee is looking for career options after graduating from a renowned university. He or she had given interviews at dozens of companies and still no luck. In this instance, for career consultation, his or her goal is to know what career option he can opt for, what he or she needs to qualify for the job role, and people to connect with. Here the responsibility of guiding the advisee lies solely on the advisor. This means your advice would have a ripple effect on the advisee’s life, it could either built it up or stop the growth.

Advantage of Booking AdvisiaHub Advisor

As An Advisee, What Benefits Choosing AdvisiaHub Advisor Offer?

For advisees, selecting the right advisor plays a significant role in their life. So, here are some benefits that could surely motivate you to choose AdvisiaHub:

First, the most important thing is, advisee can get quick and deep insights either about the market trend or job specification, directly from the industry professionals.

Having direct access to experts enhances the quality and reliability of the information. So, after registering as an advisee you gotta make inform decision.

Secondly, AdvisiaHub offers a hassle-free communication platform. Where the communication between advisee and advisor will be automated & safe.

Thirdly, Advisee will get the time and cost-efficient solution to their fears. This means, you can attend the sessions from the comfort of your home and you won’t have to visit any advisor in their office.

Fourthly, the advisee won’t have to endure the confusion and anxiety to solve a problem or wait for consultation. Because at AdvisiaHub you will get instant solution to your problem in a matter of hours not days!

Lastly, confidentiality! AdvisiaHub has drafted policies with the intention to safeguard the information and communication between advisee and advisor. So, you can rest assured that your concern, information, and idea will be safe.

How Professional Advice Can Make A Difference In Your Life?

For instance, you are in a tight spot where you either need advice regarding business proposal presentation or you need instant career consultation. In all this, consulting a professional who not only has direct knowledge but the relevant industrial experience as well can help you resolve your problem quickly.

Similarly, if you are decided to change your career path and need some insight about certain careers which you want to pursue and excel, then consulting a relevant consultant can help you with your quest.

In a Nutshell…

AdvisiaHub is one of that consultation platforms where you will find advisors, literally from every field. Now the advisee won’t have to Google and search for concern specific consultant because AdvisiaHub has compiled a list of advisors who come from, top industries, fortune 500 companies, professions, and so on. In addition to advisee, the platform of AdvisiaHub is equally beneficial for the advisor. Here advisor can create their profile, set preferred rate per hour and consultation time.



Advisia Hub

AdvisiaHub is an online consultation and advisory platform. Unlike other platforms, AdvisiaHub aims to gather experts from all fields under one roof.